About us


Providing exceptional financial solutions.

Core Values

We understand the importance of
ethics in our business and our values
form our corporate culture.

Our Vision

Rich-Oak is a fast growing investment, micro-lending and cooperative organisation dedicated to providing financial solutions to all classes of Nigerians. We have a vision of making two-third of Nigeria`s population financially free.

Our Process

Rich-oak serves as an intermediary between those with excess cash and those with quick need of cash. Investments are used to give out loans. All loans disbursed are either given to civil servants or guaranteed by one and this is because Rich-Oak has a patnership with IPPIS and REMITA (The platform through which civil servants are being paid). This patnership gives Rich-oak the opportunity to deduct loan repayments directly from source.

Our System

Rich-Oak has a well structured system that ensures sustainability and checks out loop holes that can cause loss of funds. In this respect all investments are insured by Allianz Insurance Plc and our other patners REMITA and IPPIS

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