Core Values

Our Values

At Rich-oak we believe in six core values,
which we consistently and passionately live and they are:
Teamwork, Integrity, customer obsession, Speed, Creativity and Enthusiasm.


  At Rich-Oak, we understand integrity builds trust with our clients, which is realised by adherence to the highest morals, ethical principles and values.

Client Obsession

 We believe clients are priority which fuels our passion to deliver topmost value through obsessively innovative products and services.


 We make thoughtful decisions quickly, execute them with intensity, and simplify when necessary. This translates to tackling challenges swiftly and efficiently.


 We value the curiosity to create newly efficient solutions, and to know when the business needs recreating, which you will always find at Rich-Oak.


 At Rich-Oak, our ever present passion for value-adding ultimately drives our business model. Our zeal to serve our clients drives other core values.


 At Rich-Oak, we believe and collaborate  to achieve our vision of ensuring two-third of Nigerians are financially free.

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